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So my awesome friend vedo tagged me to do this challenge, I need to answer all of her questions. 
lets do this shit.

1. What's your favourite language?
- english I suppose, if I speak my mother tongue I sound like a hillbilly. 
2. Ever wondered what your purpose is in this world.
- not until this question.
3. What do you feel when you see a sky full of stars?
- I try counting them, and I alwash loose count so... Frustrated. 
4. What music would you choose, heavy metal or bubble gum pop?
- I'd have to take a lot of drugs to enjoy either of them but I'd say metal.
5. What is love?
- Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more. 
6. If you see that a person has scars on his/her body, what do you feel/think?
- I feel sympathy because I, myself, suck at casually walking up and down the stairs (that's where I got all of my scars from.)
7. If you had a tattoo, what would it look like.
- I am a huge wuss when it comes to pain, I'd like giant angel wings on my back but my friend said you could compare it to a Brazilian wax..
8. What's your first thought in the morning?
- that I forgot to take out my contacts or that I don't want it to be morning ever again.
9. Do you think you have a good handwriting?
- my handwriting is pretty decent if you compared it to that of a 2 year old.
10. If you had the possibility to either save a close friend's life or bring eternal peace to the world, what would you choose?
- I would see what people would pay me to get me to end all the wars in the world. If they don't care I'll just save a friend. (People will find a way to screw each other over anyway) 

Okey now my questions for YOU, yes you reading this. *cough* Because I suck at tagging *cough* I want everyone that is reading this to comment below.

1. If you could time travel, what event would you have stopped? 

2. Ok so you have the ability to roll down the stairs like a slinky does, would you make an ass out of yourself on a talk show for money?
3. What's the best prank you've ever pulled on someome or someone's pulled on you? Gimme details 
4. What was your reaction when you realized DA is the place for the weirdest fetishes? (I wanted to give my screen a scrub, just eww, no.) 
5. Can you play an instrument or sing? 
6. If you could choose any superpower, what would it be?
7. What's your opinion about this whole Ebola happening? 
8. If you would die in a week, how many laws would you try to break?
9. Have you ever failed miserably at something? 
10. And lastly, what is your favorite video game? 
11. (Bonus question) HOW DO I TAG?!

good luck! :D


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<----- deviations are right over there :) go ahead and take a look.

Ahem and I said look not steal...paws off.

I discovered a passion for writing at the same time I found out about this site and WOW! Everyone here is so talented and it makes me realize I have much to learn..

I write poems depending on which mood I'm in, so That's that.

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